don't be evil anti-monopoly compliance image

You might be wondering: What do bizarre creatures have to do with insurance? We're glad you asked. Here is some background: Every year, the big insurance companies pay billions of dollars to the big search and display internet advertising networks (and TV networks), systematically using irrelevant imagery like cave men and lizards to advertise their insurance products. Buzzquote uses the silly images at left as part of a cogent, constitutionally protected parody and critique of these campaigns. Unlike the big insurance companies, our videos actually are highly relevant to the subject of insurance, and don't just show irrelevant skits involving camels, stand-up comedians, and other completely nonsensical stuff -- we actually talk, at length and in detail, about the political and economic realities of insurance, and insurance advertising. Also, we're trying to be funny, because God knows, insurance is a horrifyingly boring subject, isn't it.